3 Course Menu €25


Calamari:  Delicious deep-fried Squid rings served with a wedge of Lemon

(Also available individually for €6.50)


Mixed Grill:  Grilled pieces of Beef filled with Mozzarella and Pancetta, Chicken, Gourmet Sausage, Pork Rib and Organic Mini Burger (Aberdeen Angus Beef from Dan Ahern) served with homemade Potato Salad and Salad from Orchard Cottage Farm (Available individually for €17.00) OR

Mixed Seafood Linguine:  Linguine Pasta with mixed Seafood and Cherry Tomatoes in either a Spicy Tomato or White Wine Sauce. Served with a slice of Garlic Bread (Available individually for €15) OR


Pizza Macroom:  Pizza with Buffalo Mozzarella from Toonsbridge Dairy (Macroom), cherry tomatoes, Rocket and Parmesan Shavings (Available individually for €14) OR


Pizza Tonno:  Pizza with Marinated Tuna, Capers, Olives and Onions (Available individually for €14)



Lemon and Coconut Sponge cake:  Delicious homemade Sponge cake filled with Lemon Cream and topped with Coconut.  Served with Vanilla Ice cream

(Available individually for €6)


Antipasto platter (€10.30)

Cheeses :

–       Smoked Caciocavallo (a type of stretched-curd cheese made out of sheep’s or cow’s milk. It is produced throughout Southern Italy

–       Pecorino with Chilli (Pecorino is the name of a family of hard Italian cheeses made from ewe’s milk. The word derives from pecora meaning ‘sheep’, also from the Latin pecora meaning livestock.)

–       Goatcheese

Cold Meats :

Parma Ham, Milano Salami, Schacciata Salami

Homemade Bread, Sicilian Olives, Sundried Tomatoes and greens

Fritto Misto (€6.50)

Selection of homemade Italian snacks:

–       Arancini (breaded deep-fried Risotto ball filled with Mozzarella)

–       Meat ball (Aberdeen Angus Beef from Dan Ahern, Midleton)

–       Mozzarella ball (breaded Buffalo Mozzarella from Toonsbridge Dairy, Macroom)

–       Potato Croquet

–       Stuffed olives

Special Wine of the month

Vermentino, AIA Vecchia, Maremma Toscana 2009

Alluring nose of fresh cut grass, lemon and minerals along with nutty notes. Medium bodied wine; the acidity is softened by a round and silky mouth feel. The finish is lingering with a pleasant hint of pepper.

Bottle €25                               Glass €6.50

Paulaner non-alcoholic beer €4.95

Why not ask for a slice of lemon for that fresh summery taste?


By Pizzeria San Marco

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